It’s not that I hate blogs, I just don’t want one and I don’t usually like reading them. To me blogs are kind of like Tom Cruise movies – they are there, some people love them, but I don’t really want to have much to do with them. 

My least favorite blogs are study abroad blogs, which are just a game Mad Libs. 

Popular phrases include:

“Can’t believe I’m finally off to __________(country)! My room was a total mess after packing all of my _______ (article of clothing), but I’m ready to go!” 

“After a ____(number) hour flight, I’m here!” *Note: This is always the longest post, as the writer vomits all of his or her first impressions from the taxi ride. 

“Sorry I haven’t posted in so long, I’ve been so busy with _____ (circle one: school, exploring the city, traveling)!”

“The people here are so great, they are so welcoming and _______(adjective).”

“The food here is delicious, but I really miss peanut butter.”

“After _____(small number) months, I can’t believe I’m leaving _____(country)! It was such a great experience to meet new people, live in a another place and learn about other cultures!”


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