The Letter I’ll Never Send

This is a dramatic title. This isn’t a five-page handwritten letter to my overseas soldier boyfriend who just died saving a group of weirdly cute children. That would be pretty cool, but if that were the case I would really milk the situation and it would definitely be the subject of all future blog posts.

I’m getting off track here.

The letter I’m actually never going to send is one to the staff at the DTH. I can’t send it, because I am one of them. It’s about their attitude towards sororities and fraternities, specifically about the new advice column published on Monday (I think it was Monday.) The DTH being “anti-Greek” is not a new a criticism, which makes it even worse that they would publish such a stupid response.

Anyway, here is the letter to the editor that I would send:

I was disappointed by your first “You Asked For It” advice column response regarding a sorority member moving into her sorority house.

It was vapid, predictable and didn’t actually give any substantial advice.

In the past, The Daily Tar Heel has been criticized for its callous attitude to campus Greek members. But the first YAFI proves that complaints have fallen on deaf ears as writers and editors continue to ostracize a significant population within UNC. When you do that you lose readership, but more importantly, you lose credibility.

I understand the advice column is light-hearted and opinion-based, but it was just another blatant jab at UNC’s Greek life.

People can take a joke. What they can’t take is being constantly disrespected in a nationally-recognized publication. Address your news staff’s undue treatment toward sororities and fraternities or I’ll give you postage to send back all those awards.


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