Suck on That Utkatasana

There is nothing about me that would make anyone think “wow, that girl would be at yoga.” I’ve never been able to touch my toes (What do toes even feel like?), I roll my eyes at almond milk, and I make fun of almost everything.

Yet, I’ve recently found myself in an upside-down V staring at my bellybutton.

I don’t know why I started yoga, but I’m determined to be good at it. I have a yoga mat, so I’m halfway there. And I’m mostly a vegetarian.

Yoga has been rubbing off on me. I keep finding myself always wanting to stretch. I sit cross-legged in class. When my housemates and I watch TV I’m always on the ground in what they’ve coined “very slow motion writhing.” I’ll take it.

I’m still pretty terrible at yoga. I’ve been practicing almost everyday, but I haven’t mastered the most basic poses. I still can’t touch my toes, I can’t do a push-up, and when I’m in a yoga pose I look like a shaky 3-second-old calf.

But there is one pose I knock out of the park. It’s called Utkatasana, or Sitting Pose. After years of competitive soccer and keeping my legs strong in case someone invites me to go dancing, I laugh when my Youtube yogis say they’re feeling the burn with Utkatasana. Haha, weaklings.

Here is a picture of me doing Utkatasana. As you can see, my form is perfect. Look how low I am to the ground. Look how straight my back is. Look how shiny my hair is.


Thanks to Utkatasana, I’m going to stick with yoga. But stay the hell away from me, almond milk.


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