K&W Thankfulness

I had funny observations written in my IPhone notes to write about how ridiculous my Thanksgiving was. But now I am home alone and I think I’m going to cry.

I don’t think I will actually cry, but it’s a pretty good hook.

We just got home from Burlington, where my grandfather lives in the home my dad grew up in. It’s a split-level, wood-paneled ‘60s protégé that brags proximity to Sheetz and Libby Hill. While my friends sent pictures of expertly plated Thanksgiving appetizers on fine china, I was getting out the Solo cups for unsweetened, caffeine-free tea.

About 20 minutes ago, at 9:30 p.m. my dad (a lawyer) got a call from an old client. The client is a mentally incompetent man who lives alone, in all senses of the word. My dad hasn’t worked on his case in years, and rarely talks to him. But the man called because he was locked out of his house. He called my dad because that was the only person he had.

My dad usually goes to bed around 8:30 (he’s only 51 so this is just bizarre) but because it’s Thanksgiving he was awake. When my dad got off the phone he said, “If this had been any other night, he would’ve been out there until morning.”

He called the locksmith, who said he would be there in about 45 minutes. My family lives 20 minutes away from the man and within 2 minutes my parents were out of the door. This allowed the man 25 minutes of warmth in a car, and allowed me to have another glass of wine without judgment. But most of all, my parents and the locksmith are going to be this man’s company on Thanksgiving.

That is excruciatingly sad.

The kind of sad that leaves you on your couch on the verge of tears with a stupidly vapid and mean iPhone note.

There are so many things to complain about. Like frizzy hair. Or bendy iPhone 6 Pluses (and I don’t even have a 6 plus). Or warm beer. Or having your family blindside you with a K&W Thanksgiving dinner.

I am thankful my dad was awake. But more than that I am so very thankful to have such phenomenal people in my life. If I spent the rest of my life eating K&W with them, I would love every minute of it.


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