Instagram and Obama

Did everyone else already write about this? Whatever, it was big news according to the internet.

I didn’t watch the State of the Union address because A.) I was eating the “Nada Mas Queso” at Bandido’s. Yes, it’s a plate of cheese. and B.) Once you’ve heard one SOTU, you’ve heard them all. It’s just a glorified political Mad Lib.

But, I do have friends that seem to care about this. And according to their social media posts, Obama said the word “Instagram” and people went batshit crazy.* As I reflect on this with a glass of boxed red wine in a Christmas-themed wine glass, I don’t understand the hubbub about it. It wasn’t that cool. It definitely wasn’t ground-breaking. The man has two teenage girls, he spends every night watching Sasha rack up the likes on that picture of Bo (that Malia took and Sasha didn’t give her PC, ugh.)

But my entire Twitter feed is people talking about how this is the first time Instagram was mentioned in a SOTU address. But Instagram’s only been around since 2010**, so the “first time in history” is dramatic. Cool your jets, pundits.

Now, if Nixon had brought up Insta in 1972? That would be RT-worthy.

*I’m waiting for a president to say “bat shit crazy” in a SOTU address. That’ll perk my bat ears up.

**I made that up because my internet isn’t working. AND WE CALL THIS THE DIGITAL AGE.


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