Lindsey wrote about how a newly-enacted Illinois bill allows school systems to demand students turn over their beloved social media passwords in the effort to stop cyberbullying.

It seems outside of schools’ realm of authority to monitor. But social media is now a staple of teen life. So when social media comes to school, it becomes a responsibility for school authorities to notice if social media acts up.

That being said, I agree that a school system being able to demand students’ social media passwords is a blatant infringement of privacy and a slippery slope.

I’m not a lawyer (in most states), but I’m pretty sure it’s not hard for law enforcement to get around Twitter passwords. So to me, the Illinois bill is about school systems trying to bypass these channels to monitor suspicious social media activity.

Something has to been done about cyberbullying. But giving school administrators the unchecked power to laugh at all of my high school Twitter jokes isn’t the answer.

Also, this is me on social media in 2008. Obviously very active in the bullying scene.



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