A/B and more

I enjoyed the article about how the lingerie company, Adore Me, has used multiple versions of different models in different poses to see which images test well with consumers (A/B testing).

It mentioned how successful A/B marketing has been for Adore Me, but I highly doubted that A/B was the direct (or even a significant factor) in their success. So, in an act of investigative journalism I checked the site.

Here are a few things that Adore Me does that are way more influential in sales than A/B marketing:

1. You have to be a member. Exclusive online memberships are all the rage and most people are curious enough about products to enter their email just to see what the site has to offer. You can always unsubscribe (wish I could do that with boys, amirite?)

2. You immediately take a quiz that asks you questions like, “what’s your favorite corset?” (corsets are like voluntarily smothering yourself”, “which bra style is best for your shape?” (uhm the two-cup kind?) and “what’s your bra size” (yeah, wouldn’t you like to know).

3. Your quiz results then take you to a showroom with over a dozen bra-panty sets personalized for your style. Here was mine:


And here was what they recommend for sleepwear:


(Joke’s on you, Adore Me, I sleep in old soccer jerseys and a Megabus t-shirt I got for free in The Pit. Suckers!)

But here’s the kicker to Adore Me. New members get their first bra-panty set for $24.95 + free shipping and exchanges. This is a hella good deal. The catch? You only have 1 hour to make the purchase.

My point to all of this is that A/B marketing is interesting and it’s definitely a marketing strategy that’s gaining traction. But marketing isn’t just one strategy. In this new media age, there’s so much more to a business’ success than one genius idea – creative businesses need 1,000 genius ideas.

I have to go now, the clock is ticking for me to buy my Camilla Unlined!


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