#AskHerMore and ask her what she’s wearing

Everyone is talking about women in media. Our class talked about it. My housemates talked about it. I thought I walked in on my cats talking about it (they were chatting about Kiev, idk.)

Tonight people, (including Reese Witherspoon) are discussing how women are portrayed in media in Hollywood’s biggest night.

And it wouldn’t be a good, old-fashioned 2015 conversation without Twitter. During E’s Red Carpet coverage, Twitter exploded with #AskHerMore, a social media, star-studded campaign to inspire Ryan Seacrest* to go beyond the “What are you wearing?”

It’s kind of a fair request. Ryan asked some dumb questions.

“Did you ever think you were going to be an American actress?” (This was to Marion Cotillard, a French actress) <– I previously said she was British. I knew she was French but I am also an idiot who should reread her blog posts.

“I heard you look forward to going home after shooting to your family and your terrible dogs?”

“We would like to talk about your frittata. What went into your choices of what to put into the frittata?” (Is this sexual?)

These questions are shallow and trivial – but it’s the E Red Carpet. The 2-minute interviews aren’t the place for substance. I wouldn’t expect

While the #AskHerMore campaign might inspire more creative questions, the red carpet isn’t the place for asking an actress how she wants to change the world.  And I want to know what she’s wearing.

*Ryan Seacrest encompasses all red carpet reporters. Also, does he age?


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