You can have my personal information

One of the most interesting topics of this class to me is the balance of privacy and interconnectedness/communication/convenience/fast stuff/whatever we’re calling this new technology age.

I’m not a prude with my personal data. If you’re a company, government, or retail store that doesn’t have my email (, you’re in the minority.

So I’m with Hallie, I’ve never cared about these technology overlords having access to my private information. For one, I’m extremely boring, not having an affair and (maybe) not a CIA agent. But most importantly is I don’t know that data-mining is an issue of privacy. To me, it’s a an issue of information-sharing. And it’s not information that I’m too hesitant to share. Because the personal information they have isn’t that personal to me. It’s not one of my tween diaries (aka national security secrets) or the heartfelt-ish letters I’ve sent.

Should I care about my personal data? Maybe, I’ll get back to you.


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