The Best Responses to #TheDress

I love when social media companies respond to social media trending topics. The great dress color debate of February 26, 2015 is a great example. Here is the dress:

Courtesy of Us Magazine
Courtesy of Us Magazine

Some people say it’s black and blue, some say it’s white and gold. As a journalist I am unbiased, so I will not reveal what I see.

But, the countrywide stir (it’s the number 1 trending topic on Twitter) over this homely dress is a great opportunity for companies on Twitter. Here are a few examples:






And there are more.

But what’s the real value of witty company tweets? How do these tweets translate into profit?

I asked my friend Alex, an advertising major who is much smarter than I am, and he said these posts sparked “viral tendencies.” For instance, I don’t shop at Toys “R” Us (at least not this week) so I’m not their target market. But I thought their tweet was funny. So I retweeted it. A few of my followers have young children and they will see the Toys “R” Us tweet, even though they don’t follow the toy chain. And it snowballs from there. It’s not rocket science.

Social media gives companies an ocean of opportunity. No trend is off-limits. Why shouldn’t a paint company, toy store and pizza place weigh in on the color of a dress? It puts eyes on their page and indirectly reaches their target market. It’s black-and-blue brilliance.


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