#MariasBachBash IRL

One of my closest hometown friends and Taylor‘s sleepy roommate is getting married in 3 weeks. So Taylor and I (and 8 others) are deep in the Airbnb wilderness of Swannanoa, NC for a bachelorette weekend. Because both of us still have a blog post to do this week, we decided to take this margarita-filled experience and see if we could write about how social media has affected it.

But here are things we’ve done so far:

-played a game called “family”, in which everyone has to guess who wrote which famous person on a slip of paper (I give the game a 5/10)

-played Heads Up!

-talked (ugh, so last millennium)


-read excerpts of “The Doctor’s Premarital Medical Adviser” – it’s from 1969 and hilarious with a sprinkle of racism and misogyny

Here’s an excerpt:

“If there’s an opportunity to participate in the activities of the “night off,” without causing inconvenience or unpleasantness, a spouse should try to do so. Many women learn how to bowl quite well, and they often can play poker better than men. Also, wives of ardent golfers should learn to golf!”

-learned to golf

-watched a movie together and people weren’t on their phones the whole time

Earlier this morning we started the hashtags #onelesshoover (the bride-to-be has 5 adopted siblings) and #MariasBachBash. We prodded the other girls to post on social media so we make a Storify and talk about how technological advancements in communication have changed decades-old traditions.

Taylor and I wanted something to write about. We were confident the other girls would race to their phones and flood social media with our boring hashtags. They didn’t. So here we are: tipsy with no blog post idea.

But mine and Taylor’s experiment isn’t all for nothing. For one, we grew closer. Also, we learned that social media isn’t a mirror of reality. By that we mean, despite all the ominous predictions made by older generations, maybe social media isn’t killing our social skills. There are still times when we would prefer to be offline. Interpersonal can trump the Internet.

On the other hand, we now have a small selection of tweets and Instagram posts that we can easily locate using our clever hashtags. After tonight’s festivities (can you say reservation for 10?), we will probably have a few more. The mountains are beautiful, and we both want to remember this time with our friends. Thanks to social media, we can do that. Our Twitter feeds and our Facebook timelines aren’t our biographies, but they can be used as a tool to tell our stories as long as we don’t forget to live out those stories first.

Photo on 2-28-15 at 1.55 PM


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