Make A Difference with Indiegogo

I’m doing this Indiegogo for a new phone. Trying to spread the word. This is how to raise money in 2015.

UPDATE: March 22, 2015

I’m afraid my Indiegogo campaign for a new phone has plateaued.

Here are my donations so far:

  • $50 from an anonymous donor (me)
  • $11 from a family friend who said, “so shameless I couldn’t help but contribute”
  • $1 from my friend Robert
  • $10 from my friend Maria
  • $10 from my friend Lauryn
  • $10 from friend Zach
  • $50 from my dad (he owed me money anyway)

So a total of $142. Which leaves me a hefty chunk short of my $650 goal. I don’t see any more significant contributors so I’m going to hang up my Indiegogo cap.

I posted it on my Facebook. Two people shared it, 30 people liked it and there were about 20 comments. On Twitter I shared it and it got a couple of measly favorites. BUT MY CAMPAIGN HAS 3,986 VISITS! PEOPLE SAY CAPS LOCK IS LIKE YELLING SO IT’S OKAY BECAUSE I’M YELLING BECAUSE I’M SO POPULAR!!!

All caps aside, it was interesting to try crowdfunding. I have mixed feelings about crowdfunding, depending on the campaign. It’s awesome for charity or community programs. But then there are campaigns for people who just need money. Like this tech journalist who won’t be published and has bills to pay: What the hell, Kim? And what’s that photo filter called, Death Knocking?

Even though Kim is an irritating whiner, crowdfunding has done a lot of good and it shows the immense power of social networks. For instance, Brandon, the famously famous Humans of New York Facebook page (remind me to write about that later) occasionally finds someone on the street and the person is randomly inspiring and Brandon starts a GoFundMe and like 25% of all Internet users send him their bank account numbers.

Here’s the original post:

And then this happened:

And the kid got to meet Ellen:

Like it or not (and all in all you should like it) online crowdfunding is here to stay and it’s revolutionizing the way we communicate causes, utilize our social networks, and raise and spend money.


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