Katherine’s Scientific Guide to Photo-Sharing Platforms


Facebook: you see them all

Instagram: you see the best

Twitter: you see pictures of things I think are funny (I don’t upload any real pictures here.)

Example: I was a bridesmaid in a wedding on Friday. At weddings, cameras are on crack. Cameras on phones, video cameras, fancy DSLR cameras, people staring at you like they’re taking a picture, etc.

The wedding party took pictures outside The Carolina Theater in Durham. We were out there for at least an hour and we got every combination of poses possible. Individual bridesmaids, bridesmaid with bride, everyone together, everyone spread out artsy kind of. But hundreds and hundreds of pictures (all ruined by me blinking).

And then the photographers take behind-the-scenes photos of us getting ready and then before we walk down the aisle, etc. (There are lots of etc’s here).

And then someone filmed the whole thing from the balcony.

And then the reception was just a cesspool of camera phones.

I took 2 pictures the whole day. One was a selfie of me and the bride smiling. The other was a selfie of us thuggin’ it. Because no one does thug better than two middle-class white girls.

I instgrammed the thug picture.


It was the best I had. And I’m sure I’ll instagram my favorite when the wedding photographer gets off her ass* and gets those pictures back to us.

Because that’s what Instagram is for, it’s for the highlights. The best photo you have, the one that most encapsulates the beauty or emotion of a place or event. It’s the top dog on your camera roll. So you slap on a filter to hide your paleness, tack on a wedding hashtag and post!

But Facebook is different. Facebook has albums. Uploaders use less discretion. Instead of a couple of the best photos on the big day, a Facebook album would show all the captured moments. Not every picture taken, but every moment captured.

And I just tweet for the J’s (jokes).


1) not every photo-sharing platform is created (or used) equally 

2) Someone loves me enough to make me a bridesmaid.

*She was actually very nice and professional and it’s only been 3 days.


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