Seriously, SeaWorld?

Here’s a tip for all social media users: when you’re embroiled in conflict, don’t open the floor for discussion.

It seems obvious. Controversial figures walk on eggshells with the public. Their words are calculated, careful and don’t encourage the public’s probing.

If SeaWorld could get their heads above water they probably would’ve realized this. Instead, they decided to make waves with this week’s PR Face Palm – the Ask SeaWorld campaign and #AskSeaWorld hashtag.

The infamous theme park has been at the center of controversy since 2013’s Blackfish, a documentary about Tilikum, a SeaWorld orca, and the other captive whales. The documentary woke up the public and SeaWorld was left reeling, with plummeting stocks and low attendance.


I know what you’re thinking: “SeaWorld has so much money they’ll hire a great PR firm and calm the waters of public outrage.” That’s what I thought too. And then we got the #AskSeaWorld campaign.

Mashable collected some of the best tweetsThey are sharp, smart and scathing zingers. I love it. My favorite is this one:


Mic drop.

When SeaWorld was mum, Twitter users created a #AnswerTheQ hashtag. SeaWorld decided to take the high road, saying most of these tweets were from bots or crazy PETA people.

“A full 70 percent of the questions thus far have come from PETA and other animal rights groups or bots.” 

And then they condemned Twitter activists by saying this:

“It’s unfortunate that these people would try to drown out thoughtful and honest answers by flooding social media with repeated questions and troll account.”



DROWN? Like what your captive whales do to their trainers because you mistreat them????

For lack of better words, I CAN’T EVEN.

Seaworld: fire whoever created that disaster, and #EmptyTheTanks while you’re at it.


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